RoboCon as one conference in two parts

This time, RoboCon Hybrid will be asynchronous.

Part 1: Helsinki

The first conference part is fully in-person in Helsinki, where all the talks and other content will be live in Bio Rex on January 19th & 20th! Each Talk will be recorded and later streamed on part 2.

Part 2:

The second conference part will take place from February 28th to March 2nd fully online.
We will stream the talks that have been recorded in Helsinki and will also have at least 50% fresh content.
Joe Colantonio will do the host again for the online part, and all speakers will be there for live Q&A.


Participants can choose whether they only want to participate online or get the full RoboCon experience with Helsinki in January as well.
The Helsinki ticket will include the online conference. This arrangement enables us to fully engage with people first onsite and then online. This way we can have the best of both worlds and truly bring people together.

For the online conference, we will have the amazing video-game like Gather.Town platform and Joe Colantonio as our host!


This CfP is for talks, that will be live in Helsinki during the in-person part of RoboCon.
Talks have to be live on stage and will be streamed during online RoboCon.
Speakers will be connected live after their talk for the Q&A for online RoboCon.

For pure online proposals to RoboCon Online, please visit:

We are really looking forward to see your Proposals!

RoboCon Orga-Team