Community Open Space
03-03, 10:00–17:00 (UTC), Gather Town

Come and Join Us as we come together as a community to code, discuss, learn and advance the Robot Framework ecosystem forward!

Open Space is a day where people come together to share problems they have and provide solutions. Where various projects are worked on by the participants. Where we all learn for each other.

It is run like an "Unconference" using principals of Open Space Technology, not really a technology per se but a process for running ad hoc gatherings. That is there is no preset agenda but the topics to discuss and projects to work on are set at the start of the day. You as a participant help set the agenda alongside your fellow participants.

An example of our Open Space experience happened this past January at RoboCon Helsinki. After gathering together, the floor was opened to anyone who had either a project they were planning on working on or something to discuss; recording these to the list. Everyone shared which of these projects or discussions they were interested in so we could see how we needed to self organize. Once organized we broke out into groups to work for through the morning. After a break for lunch we gathered together to reconnect and reorganize for the remainder of the day.

As the name implies this event is open to anyone who wants to come and join us. More information will be provided in the week before the conference.

Ed Manlove is a Robot Framework community member and leader who is dedicated to building up the community. Currently he is a member of the SeleniumLibrary team and helps lead the ecosystem of projects around web testing using Selenium. He has been a part of the Robot Framework community since 2011. Most recently Ed has been a Robot Framework Coach and Mentor consulting with a few clients and creating targeted robot training courses for them. You can see his latest contributions on his GitHub profile.

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