Welcome to RoboCon 2023
03-01, 09:30–10:00 (UTC), Gather Town

A Retrospective over the last year of Robot Framework and its Community.

In this keynote Pekka will give a run through of the new features within Robot Framework 6.0 and beyond. Finally Ed will talk about the status of our awesome community and the role everyone can play. MMMM

See also: robocon.io

Ed Manlove is a Robot Framework community member and leader who is dedicated to building up the community. Currently he is a member of the SeleniumLibrary team and helps lead the ecosystem of projects around web testing using Selenium. He has been a part of the Robot Framework community since 2011. Most recently Ed has been a Robot Framework Coach and Mentor consulting with a few clients and creating targeted robot training courses for them. You can see his latest contributions on his GitHub profile.

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Pekka Klärck is a tester, developer and independent consultant from Finland with experience from testing and test automation since 2000. He is the lead developer of Robot Framework and thus knows the framework and the ecosystem around it extremely well.

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