Know your Robot
03-01, 12:30–13:00 (UTC), Gather Town

Knowing our own Robot Framework codebase helps to keep the code clean, from which a long-term development can always benefit. This talk is about how we visualise and enable the analysis of the dependencies of keywords, test cases, and test suites in keyword-driven tests, so the keywords can be used and refactored more efficiently.

Have you been struggling with the massive keywords with the growing number of tests? Do you want to avoid reinventing the wheel? Does that sound familiar with your frequently failing automated tests that never find a bug?

Test automation is more helpful when it supports the team with faster feedback and frees up the time for investing in other opportunities. As the codebase of keyword-driven testing grows continuously during the development of the test plans, ideally, created keywords can be reused and the time to script a new test case can be reduced. However, lacking an overview of the keywords may lead to the creation of duplicate keywords, a longer time to investigate when a bug occurs, or even changes that make some tests fail. If investing in automation creates more problems to solve with no real value add, then it is a sheer waste of resources.

Our practice is built on keyword-driven testing with Robot Framework, scans the test scripts, reveals the hierarchies of keywords, test cases, and test suites in tree views, enables high reusability of automated tests, and makes reviewing and debugging way easier.

A DevOps engineer with experience in Agile methodology and experience of test automation, passionate to automate processes and create tools that make the work easier.