Our way to visual RF coding
03-01, 14:30–15:00 (UTC), Gather Town

RF is awesome and easy to use framework. But still, it requires certain knowledge of coding and python programming which makes it not usable for our beloved manual testers and business analysts. But there might be a solution for that!

We are building an universal visual-coding application (collaborative Web IDE) for Robot Framework which you were able to spot last Robocon22 during the Workshops. We have used the time in between to make our application easier to use, finished the main features and introduced a completely new system that allows the users to use any RF/Python library that can be downloaded from PIP. In our talk, I would like to take you on the road which lead us to the initial idea of Visual-code RF IDE, what was our thought process why even making it and explain why we believe it might help the growing number of RF users.

Engaging manual testers in automation is an interesting task. On many of our projects we see, that smaller companies have difficulty starting with automation testing and eventually they end up either with self-developed frameworks or tools that record user clicks and create unmaintainable playable automation. We would like to help these companies and show them how easy it can be to create automation test, how easy is to run the RF automation in cloud environment without the need to install anything on your environment. We believe writing comprehensive automation should not be difficult, it should be accessible to all the users.

Working in testing for past 12 or so years, developed many testing frameworks and tools, helped companies of different sizes to setup testing and automation. Founded development & testing company Continero in 2018 and sharing the words of quality and proper development standards. Working with RF for past 4 years and lovin it!