How workflow engines integrate manual and automated test cases
03-01, 11:00–11:30 (UTC), Gather Town

In non-automated test projects everything is manual - even test data generation. But automated and manual tests like require generated test data. With a Camunda workflow engine we managed to created processes providing test data for target systems and make the transition from manual to automated tests even easier.

"This is currently a POC moving in to production. In a few weeks I will have some sort of lessons-learned and recommendation to demonstrate.

Our project is a fully manually tested project. Even worse, creating test data is a very very long process going through 3rd party UIs. Automating test data generation was only the first step. With workflow engine, we gain the flexibility to generate data for several SUTs and provide it dynamically to manual and automated test executions.

With this approach we are able to seemslessly automate 1 manual test after another."

Markus is test automat architect at global quality assurence deparment at Arvato Systems. With his colleagues from around the world, he provides assistance for test automation to internal projects. He is long term user and contributor to both Robot Framework and Camunda. Markus is also part of the Camunda Champion program.