Come and share at RoboCon 2023!

We're glad that you want to contribute to our event with your proposal.

This time we are going to have two conferences. The online conference will take place in week 9 with fully online content!

Please write at most 100 characters.


A Full-Talk shall have a length of ~20 minutes presentation and ~8 minutes for Q&A.


A Short-Talk shall have a length of ~10 minutes presentation and ~3 minutes for Q&A.

Talk Content:

Conference presentations can be anything Robot Framework related such as case studies, technical demos, tutorials, project stories, culture talks, etc.

For us it is very important that the participants can take something from your talk to their reality after the conference.

All presentations are made in 2 parts 20/10 minutes pre-recorded talk plus 8/3 minutes live Q&A. Talks will be streamed to the audience at a predefined time and the presenter is expected to be present in the live Q&A afterwards. All presentations, including the Q&A, will be posted to YouTube some time after the conference. Submitting a proposal is considered an indication that publishing the recorded presentation is allowed.


Workshops should be interactive sessions with the participants. RoboCon will offer a technical meeting platform where workshop organizers and participants can interact. The workshop should be a hands-on experience for the participants.

We offer half- and full-day workshop slots. However we recommend to take full-day slots, because even that you only have three hours of prepared content, most participants would really appreciate to have the possibility to ask questions and try out the learned things in a more relaxed atmosphere during the afternoon.

Workshops will take place the day before RoboCon.

You have 350 characters to sell your talk. This is known as the "elevator pitch". Make it as exciting and enticing as possible.

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The description will be seen by reviewers during the CFP process and may eventually be seen by the attendees of the event.

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If you have a co-speaker, please add their email address here, and we will invite them to create an account. If you have more than one co-speaker, you can add more speakers after finishing the proposal process.