Many Kasiriha

I'm a QA Engineer at DB Schenker and like to help projects getting started with their Test Automation journey. And most of the times, it involves Robot Framework.
I love the dicussions Slack channel with the community about Robot Framework and its ecosystem and I'm always impressed with the detailed information and help I get there.
In my freetime I often like to spend time with the family. If I have too much time, I grab my guitar which is catching dust or play some video games.


"To infinity and beyond" - Serverless scaling with AWS Lambda
Many Kasiriha

"Running automated tests in CI systems has become a common practice.
Luckily, the structure of CI systems allow us to run tests on multiple runners in parallel and reduce the execution time.
But are there ways to scale to infinity - without having an army of runners?
Say hello AWS Lambda - a serverless event-driven compute service."

Gather Town
Expert Panel (Live)
Ed Manlove, Many Kasiriha, Pekka Klärck, Joe Colantonio

Joe will interview Pekka, Tatu and Ed about Robot Framework, its capabilities and its community.

Gather Town