Elmar Juergens

Elmar works both as a researcher and a founder. Elmar wrote his PhD thesis on static code analysis and is still active as a researcher in software quality analysis. In 2009, he co-founded CQSE GmbH and since helps teams in using analysis tools more effectively. Elmar frequently talks at research conferences (e.g. ICSE, ICPC) and industry events (e.g. GTD, OOP, JAX). He was elected best speaker at some of them. Elmar was named Junior Fellow of the German Chapter of the ACM in 2015.


Fast Feedback Despite Slow Test Suites? Test-Impact-Analysis for the Robot Framework
Elmar Juergens

Test suites grow over time. We see may test suites that take hours or days to execute. This is painfully slow.Test-Impact-Analysis automatically selects those tests that find new bugs quickly. This helps to get rapid feedback even for slow test suites. In the talk, I present both research foundations and practical examples for the Robot Framework.

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