Adam Hepner

Software tester and automation engineer since 2010, with years-long experience with Robot Framework. Passionate about this technology, and about teaching people around me about it, and how to make best of it. During the years I've used Robot Framework with almost every library imaginable, in almost all imaginable settings. The projects I was involved in were as diverse as possible: e-commerce platform, desktop logistic software, CAD software for car design, dental x-ray management software, internet marketing automation software, API platform, you name it. For past 3 years I had been building a test department of about 10 people that is introducing Robot Framework as leading automation solution at one of the major German companies producing printshop equipment.


Printing Robots
Adam Hepner

Heidelberger Druckmachinen is world's leading manufacturer of printing presses and printshop software. My team is leading the effort to introduce Robot Framework to the test automation of the printshop universe, and you'll learn about our journey, challenges and hopes for the future.

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