RoboCon 2023 Online

This is the call for papers for the online event. We are looking for speakers to present talks at lengths of 30 or 15 minutes.
We are looking for talks about Robot Framework®.


A Full-Talk is estimated to be 30 minutes including introduction and Q&A.
This will be approximately 20 minutes for pre-recorded presentation and 8 minutes of live Q&A.


A Short-Talk is estimated to be 15 minutes including introduction and Q&A.
This will be approximately 10 minutes for pre-recorded presentation and 4 minutes of live Q&A.

Audio Equipment

If you do not have a proper audio equipment for your recording, we would be happy to support you with some good quality microphone. We have to report that equipment as financial compensation to the Finnish tax department, so that you would have to report that as income to your local tax authority. The equipment is worth of ~250€ for Full-Talks and ~100€ for Short-Talks.

CFP Instructions

Please fill out the following form with information about what you would like to present and some information about yourself. What is your presentation about? What will the audience be able to take away from your talk? What audience will your talk be for? Please add any pertinent information that you would like for us to consider to the Notes section.

Ticket Booking

If you submit a proposal, we ask that you wait until the selected presentations have been announced before purchasing an online conference ticket.
If your talk is selected, you will get a free ticket to RoboCon.
If your talk is not selected, you may purchase a conference ticket at the "blind robot" price.

This Call for Papers closed on 2022-11-14 21:59 (UTC).